Hands that Heal, Hearts the Care!

About Newport Veterinary Hospital

Newport Veterinary Hospital was established in December 1987 by its current owner, Dr. Kenneth W. Brown. Over the years, the practice has grown from a one-doctor clinic housed in a small modular office building to a two doctor practice in a 5000 square foot hospital. Despite these changes, our team of long-term staff members remains dedicated to providing affordable high quality medicine to cats and dogs of all ages.

Our commitment to promoting pet health includes in-house laboratory equipment which allows rapid diagnosis of disease. Radiography, blood analysis (CBC/chemistry/thyroid), urinalysis, and heartworm testing can be performed onsite. In addition to diagnostics, a variety of soft tissue surgeries including spays, neuters, wound repairs, growth removals, basic ophthalmic repairs, and some intestinal/genitourinary operations are performed.

We also have the ability to complete routine dental procedures such as cleanings and tooth extractions. A 10% discount is provided on all dental services during dental month in February.

Surgical safety is assured through pre-anesthetic blood testing and extensive perioperative monitoring. In some instances, complicated and/or emergent cases will be referred to Carolina Veterinary Specialists.

Newport Veterinary Hospital also houses a boarding kennel, bathing facility, pharmacy, and a full line of prescription veterinary diets.

We welcome patients from throughout the Rock Hill area, York County and all surrounding areas.